Trimble M3 2″ DR Access 2017

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1.Trimble Access Field Software Onboard

Featuring Trimble Access™ field software, the Trimble M3 combines trusted mechanical total station reliability with the powerful, functional and modular software that modern users need today. Designed to support your everyday work, including topographic surveys, staking, control, and more; Trimble Access offers a familiar, easy-to-use interface that will ensure your instant productivity with powerful data collection and calculation tools for fast results in the field.

2.Streamlined Workflows for Specialized Applications

With Trimble Access onboard, users can now take advantage of optional specialized modules that help streamline common application workflows. The Trimble Access Roads module adds powerful tools to simplify road stakeout projects. The step-bystep approach guides users with minimal training, providing all the tools at your fingertips to complete a road stakeout job. The Trimble Access Tunnels module provides an easy to follow workflow that guides users through tasks such as marking areas of under- and overbreak with the laser pointer of the Trimble M3. The graphical interface provides a clear view of as-designed versus as-built conditions. The Trimble Access Land Seismic module is designed to simplify seismic stakeout work to increase speed and reduce errors. The easy-to-follow workflow uses common naming conventions for stakeout points and the unique bin-based navigation functionality ensures that operators get to the next stake location quickly. Each M3 instrument comes standard with integrated wireless Bluetooth® connection. Through this connection, users can control the instrument using Trimble Access field software running on an external controller. This allows the M3 to be used seemlessly right along with other Trimble equipment on the job site.





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