Leica GS15 UHF & CS15 GSM

What’s in the box: • GEB212 Battery internal Li-Ion 2600mAh • GHT63 Pole clamp for attaching GHT • GHT62 Holder plate for CS field contr. • MSD1000, SD memory card 1GB • GVP722 SmartPole/SmartStation Container • GKL311 single Charger Prof 3000 • GEV192 AC/DC-Adapter GKL112/311 EU • GEV235, AC/DC-Adapter f. CS15/CS10 EU
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Leica GS15 UHF & CS15 GSM

*CS15 Field Controller


Built on years of knowledge and experience, the Leica GS15 delivers the hallmarks
of Leica GNSS – reliability and accuracy.

  • Leica SmartCheck – RTK data-processing to guarantee correct results
  • Leica SmartTrack – advanced four constellation tracking of all GNSS satellites today and tomorrow
  • Leica xRTK – delivers more positions in difficult environments


The Leica GS15 is designed to suit any
surveying task.

  • Built-in exchangeable communication devices for field base stations and RTK rovers with removable SIM cards
  • Fully scalable sensor allows you to buy only what you need today and upgrade with
    additional functionality as you need it Integrated web server to configure the logging of Leica or RINEX raw data and measure with one button press in the field.

Leica Viva Controller CS15

Built for the field

Designed for extreme environments, you can always rely on your CS10 & CS15. Comfortable in the
hand, and easy-to-use for all tasks.

  • IP67 and operating temperature –30° C to 60° C
  • Tactile, rubber keypad (numeric on CS10, alphanumeric QWERTY on CS15)
  • 2 Megapixel camera (perfectly placed for taking pictures when in hand or mounted on pole)
  • Color, VGA touch screen, illuminated

Flexible communication and data handling

Stay connected with a wide range of communication and data storage options. Your CS10 & CS15 is ready for all challenges.

  • Fully integrated wireless Intenna technology (Bluetooth®, WLAN, TPS Radio, GSM/UMTS 3.5G)
  • Choice of 2 connector modules
    Lemo module: Lemo (USB and serial), USB A host, 7-pin connector, power
    RS232 module: RS232, USB A host, USB mini AB OTG, 7-pin connector, power
  • Data storage using SD Card, CF Card, USB memory stick

Work how you like

Designed as part of the Leica Viva series, but versatile to work with many instrument and software

  • Ideal for use with all Leica Viva Series Total Stations and GNSS sensors
  • Perfectly designed to be used with SmartWorx Viva surveying software
  • Powerful ARM core processor for many software applications




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