Leica ScanStation P20

KEY FEATURES: • 120m of range, rain or shine • Familiar surveying workflows • Comprehensive service & support • Real-time data accurate to the millimeter • Integration w/popular post-processing standards
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Leica ScanStation P20

Unprecedented performance in ultra-high speed laser scanning

Productivity & Accuracy

An innovative combination of advanced time-of-flight range measurement plus modern Waveform Digitising (WFD) technology enables the compact Leica ScanStation P20 to achieve ultra-high scan speeds and low-noise performance at extended range (to 120 m). Together with high-accuracy angular measurements and survey-grade tilt compensation, Leica ScanStation P20 delivers unprecedented ultra-high speed scan data quality for as-built and scene surveys.

Scan up to 1 million points per second

Leica ScanStation P20 is the ideal instrument when very short time windows are available for capturing High-Definition Survey™ data or when ultra-high density, full dome scan data is needed for client deliverables.

Unmatched environmental capabilities

Developed and manufactured by Leica Geosystems, Leica ScanStation P20 lets users apply ultra-high speed scanning in operating temperatures ranging from –20° C to +50° C. Moreover, with an Ingress Protection rating of IP54 and an eye-safe laser class 1 rating, users can reap the benefits of ultra-high speed scanning for even more sites and projects.

“Check & Adjust” for added confidence

Leica ScanStation P20 is the first laser scanner to feature a valuable “Check & Adjust” capability. Instead of sending the instrument to a service centre, users can electronically check the accuracy of their ScanStation P20 themselves and automatically adjust instrument parameters to ensure the highest level of performance.


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Leica ScanStation P20 (ULGS-100021)

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